Netle Yazilim is made up of a team that has great technical knowledge, has embraced the principle of producing innovative software solutions and is very experienced in ERP software. The team provides companies process management, document management and e-Transformation solutions within the framework of digital asset management. It has developed solutions such as e-Invoice, e-Ledger, e-Archive, e-Ticket and Record Keeping Requirement (RKR) that have been created for e-Transformation processes.

Netle is experienced in business software (ERP) and has been managing e-Transformation projects with its team since 2008. It has provided solutions that are in compliance with e-Turkey e-Transformation processes which have gained legal ground.

Netle e-Transformation solutions are offered either on-premise or onCloud. Accessed from a web browser, these Cloud solutions have been developed on a common platform. Thanks to this, users can manage all e-Transformation processes such as e-Invoice, e-Ledger and e-Archive with investment in just a single platform. Quick and problem-free integration with the most popular domestic and foreign ERP packages, including the ones custom-designed, is easily achievable.  Users can in this way easily execute all processes from within a single application without opening others.

Netle Yazilim, offers its users an uninterrupted service via its co-operation with the sector’s leading integrator firms operating mainly in this specific area of e-Transformation.

Netle Yazilim is the company that delivered the first e-Archive project in the energy sector on the first day of its validity in Turkey, and is strengthening its vertical sector experience.