Founded in 2008, Netle has been at the forefront of the digital asset, document management areas and e-Transformation projects thanks to an innovative team with more than 20 years’ knowledge and experience of advanced technology and creating solutions integrated with ERP software.

The team delivers effective, efficient and timely services with software provider as well as system and single solution framework for private integrators (service provider) as part of e-Transformation projects managed at local and global levels.

Netle works with companies and sector leaders that are amongst Turkey’s top 500 industrial organisations as well as providing platform independent solutions and services in many locations within many countries around the world including Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Mexico thanks to its advanced technology and web-based solutions.

Netle has distinguished itself from its competitors with the success it has attained in the digital asset and e-Transformation projects it has completed with companies operating in many sectors such as retail, energy, tourism, industry and telecommunications and with the world’s largest software companies, and has completed more than 400 projects that are directly integrated with Revenue Administration (GİB) of Turkey. Furthermore, Netle maintains excellent user satisfaction with its Netle Tick Tock System (NTTS), with which it tracks user requests and expectations.

Netle has completely devoted itself to digital asset management and e-Transformation solutions, offering its users e-Invoice, e-Ledger, e-Archive and e-Ticket solutions while developing of future e-Transformation projects including e-Payment and e-Reconciliation.


Netle is the first to offer the ability to users in Turkey to customise the appearance of their e-Invoices with the first visual e-Invoice design tool, the first to move over to incoming or outgoing e-Invoice approval mechanisms unique to a company, the first to enable companies to have their e-Invoices follow different process paths according to their content and to allow users the ability to design processes with easy-to-use ‘drag & drop’ features. With this visual process design tool, ‘purchase invoice integration’ unique to the company, simple or complicated business processes and in-process notifications can be easily made, as well as changes deemed necessary over the course of time.

Netle has lead the sector in Turkey with a solution to receive recognition as the ‘first platform independent e-Ledger’.

Netle has achieved attachment compression rates of 15% unique to e-Invoice and e-Ledger packages with its e-VeryThing zip solution, the first in Turkey, meaning that users can obtain up to 2 years’ worth of disk savings over a 10 year storage period.


Netle has distinguished itself with its proven track record of integrating its solutions with local and global ERP packages as well as systems which are custom developed for companies, and offers its users its SAP dedicated cockpit package that can be used within the application for e-Invoice and e-Ledger. Thanks to this, users are able to conduct all digitalised processes from a single application without the use of a separate screen or window.

Netle Yazilim continually invests for the future digital Turkey.

Netle is by your side for your e-Transformation projects with its solutions composed of easy-to-use interfaces as well as its entire suite of technological resources and business experience for your secure implementation of process and document management projects.