Netle Yazilim has developed an important middleware solution for digital asset management with the aim of managing files, documents, forms, data sets scanned or created by applications actively used by all organisations, to ensure access from common-use areas and to ensure access from all levels, from the lowest to the highest, with authorisation definitions.

The design of forms unique to organisations as a web page and the entry of data via them has been obtained with this middleware. The use of a BPM module that works with modelling, simulation and prototype process design and that works efficiently with the work flow of sub-systems that are triggered after the integrated operation of data entered via forms or other systems has been obtained.

Sharing of users’ different data in different forms and on different platforms has been obtained via a flexible report design tool that supports free, list, chart or gauge formats, again along the same middleware backbone, for all possible reporting requirements before or after use of all of these features.

Finally, the document management module has been designed for the storage within the scope of document management, indexing, organisation according to metadata and quick access of all data related to digital assets created in the middleware backbone’s sub-systems or on other platforms.

The digital asset management solution that Netle Yazilim has developed has been ergonomically designed for the use of the same solution with different features in a single framework, in a single project and for all access levels, according to an organisation’s access policy, of all functions along the same middleware backbone.

Netle Yazilim updates its middleware backbone functions in the quickest fashion according to developing economic conditions and e-Transformation requirements. In just one year, its solutions were successfully deployed in the businesses of nearly one thousand customers and Netle Yazilim continues to develop its solution family with R&D efforts.