DocHuman is a solution for form design, work-flow design and reporting and document management job process management tools. It was developed with advanced technology that makes internal organisational processes more clear, more effective and gives better performance.

DocHuman plays an important role in digitalisation, transfers and sharing as it is the bridge connecting different companies, organisations, departments and even information systems.

It can access relevant information from HTML 5 compatible devices using web platforms. It can ensure that time spent going through waiting periods in processes are reduced and the more effective management of the processes at different locations and on different devices according to the defined security policy.

DocHuman brings internal and external processes under control, ensuring the problem free operation of processes via tracking and reporting tools during audits.

DocHuman can connect to different systems and sites as well as it can read, write and modify data.

Process models designed for one project can be easily adapted for other projects thanks to the JIT compiling feature built into the form design and work-flow and process management tools.


There is no need for separate packets for document management or work-flow management

Integrated solutions for other systems can be designed quickly and easily

Information audits can be carried out from a single, secure location

Increases productivity and traceability thanks to data carried digitally within the organisation

Increases the speed of organisations’ and/or departments’ operations and increases the ability of managers to make effective decisions

Business processes that have to adapt according to the market, new technologies or competitors can be modified quicker and more efficiently

Strengthens corporate culture and contributes to orientations with process maps, defined security policies and visuals and directions within the software that incentivise users

Efficient and effective processes are designed by a team experienced in the processes and procedures of many operations such as purchasing, sales, finance, marketing and production

All of these features reduce operating costs, increase competitiveness and increase the quality of services, including those offered post-sale


Dedicated solutions are available for a variety of sectors including financial, manufacturing, energy, education, health, retail, insurance, tourism, construction, legal and entertainment. DocHuman’s expert team offers solutions it designs for use on dedicated screens and which allow these processes to run at far more acceptable cost. Additional requirements as necessitated by different sectors and organisations can be easily accommodated via design tools.

Custom Connections (Integration)

Solutions prepared with DocHuman technology components can communicate with one or more systems.