At a time when new technological products are entering our lives, especially in new areas, at an ever increasing rate resulting in the inevitability of digitalisation, paper-based processes, physical archives, data stored in physical files and methods that have not changed to take digital technologies into account have become virtually untenable. As a result, organisations have to redesign all their work processes in light of changing conditions and needs with new, more simple methods. At this stage, the digitalisation of data as the source of processes, as input or that which arises during a process or as output, its aggregation in a single location, tracking and reporting are important for the improvement of an organisations internal and external processes.  While processes are replaced, improved or adapted, designing them to work with paper or building frameworkthat is not integrated with other related internal processes will prevent the desired target from being reached.

The strengthening of organization memory, effective management, access rights according to security clearance as defined by group or department policies of an organisation’s information repository as well as quick access to data from platform independent environments, the shelving of information at the end of its life-cycle, transfer according to particular formats while input data is being converted to output data, ensuring the guaranteed immutability of data via a document management tool and obtaining needed information quickly with top (meta) labels will add many capabilities in different ways to management.

Solution Features

  • Integrated document management via form and process design
  • Process-based and special form-based tagging support for document storage
  • Automatic version tracking (Check In-Check Out) when modifying documents
  • Definition of dynamic process tracking according to document type
  • Data storage support (retention) as per organisation policy
  • Transfer of regularly read data on web browsers or different platforms to document management portal (Focus crawling)
  • Quick transfer of vocabulary in a glossary to a text with special glossary-based indexing technology
  • Microsoft Office document (Word, Outlook etc.) upload extension
  • Desktop (Windows Explorer) document upload extension
  • Database or SAN/NAS-based document storage on disk
  • Parsing, indexing and reporting of scanned document content


  • Strong, updatable and current organisation memory
  • Quick, platform independent access to important information
  • Digitalisation of data stored on paper makes accessing quicker
  • Quick access to paper documents awaiting approval and making current processes more effective
  • Removal of duplicate data via complete integration with other organisation applications
  • Reduction of time-costs via the use of Microsoft Office tools
  • Increase access speeds to data and the prevention of potential content errors via the indexing of organisation-specific language and terminology
  • Important document processes management via different work-flows and scenario building according to document type