According to the Public Procurement Law No. 9/2017, B2B invoices exceeding EUR 5,000 will be obligated to be created and transmitted electronically for subcontractors and main contractors under public procurement contracts as of June 30, 2018 . Companies are not obligated to use electronic invoice, may included to the system as voluntarily.

To sending and distributing electronic invoices, FACe platform was created. The FACe environment will make it possible to send invoices from a subcontractor to a main contractor to make them available to recipients. FACe integrated company, can send and receive an e-invoice to/from a different company. All e-documents that received by FACe, must be in Facturae format which based on international XML standard similar to existing B2G process.


Electronic invoice submission may be handled in 2 various;

  • FACe web portal
  • Automatic submission to FACe through electronic invoice service

An invoice electronically sent to FACe must satisfy at least 3 conditions;

  • Electronic invoice recipient must be declared
  • It must be electronically signed
  • It must be in Facturae 3.2 or 3.2.1 format

Electronic invoices must be guarantee below topics the same as paper invoices;

  • Readability
  • Originality of the invoice
  • Integrity of invoice content

The last 2 conditions are guaranteed by digital signature during creation of the invoice.


With Netle Yazılım –Global e-Invoice infrastructure, invoice documents which are congruent with Spain e-Invoice requirements and legal mandatories can be prepared. Netle solution creates an invoice document according to public institution or receiver unique key value in ERP automatically, completes legal signing process (if necessary) and archives them within the boundaries of the European Union for the invoice will be created with electronic invoice management tools or user interface by the scope of specific rules.

Throughout the entire process, the Netle Tick Tock System (NTTS) support platform provides 24/7 support for questions / problems.