The FatturaPA is an electronic invoice (Decree provided for by Italian Law number 633, 1972, article 21, subsection 1) and is the only type of invoice that will be accepted by Public Administrations which, according to the Law.


The FatturaPA was designed as XML file. This format is accepted by the “Exchange (Sender-Receiver) System”. The authenticity of origin and the integrity of the content are guaranteed by sender adding the certified electronic signature or a digital signature.
The transmission of the invoice is conditional on the presence of the unique identification code of the office to which the invoice is addressed, and it can be found in the Index of Public Administrations.


XML content of FatturaPA includes mandatory information that must be added because it is important in point of tax according to regulation. In addition to tax information, party information must be in the content of FatturaPA to reach correct address via transmission system. Additional information may be added extending XML field to make easier invoice transmission via electronic environment.

Public institution might require additional fields according to goods or services types. Effective transmission processes can be fictionalise adding these fields to XML file before transmission of invoice.


FatturaPA preparation process was described in the Ministerial Decree 3 April 2013, Number 55 containing the implementing regulations.


With Netle Yazılım –Global e-Invoice infrastructure, invoice documents which are congruent with FatturaPA requirements and legal mandatories can be prepared. Netle solution creates an invoice document according to public institution or receiver unique key value in ERP automatically, completes legal signing process (if necessary) and archives them within the boundaries of the European Union for the invoice will be created with electronic invoice management tools or user interface by the scope of specific rules.