Organisations have the need to inspect the correctness and validity of data in financial and statistical reports provided to management or organisations after vertical or horizontal expansion processes. In this connection, organisations confirm the validity of internal activities, macro or micro level data and all processes via data collated from different sources according to realisation/approach/forecasting segment with audits conducted at defined intervals.

Efficiently managing an organisation’s internal audits and audit teams, sharing information, and regular planning intervals necessitates a solution that can meet all these requirements.

Organisations can easily run their internal auditing processes with Netle Yazilim’s service/project experience gained in co-operation with many companies and use of its strong framework made up of current technological components.

They can prevent potential risks using the solution features during internal audits, ameliorate repeated or costly sub-processes, identify situations that can cause inconsistencies with organisational policies and implement a web-based/platform independent platform that works together with the audit team.

They can easily conduct audit processes using reports, lists, finding follow-up, the handshake tool, open job matters/priorities, e-mail sharing and portal communication features that come as standard with the internal audit packet.

Integration with different systems can be defined, organisation-specific job flows and authorisation mechanisms can be built and all digital outputs (pdf, xls, doc, rtf, HTML, dat, txt, JSON, js, script etc.) can be archived via integrated operations with the document management system as part of the internal audit  packet, developed with the features of the digital asset solutions family as itsbaseline.


Solution Features

  • Risk-based internal audit planning and tracking
  • Resource management
  • Data feeding to web-based, platform independent internal auditing processes
  • Special work-flow triggering and interim/sub/superior authorisation mechanism for critical/alarm-level criteria
  • Corroboration of financial or statistical data presented to the board/management post-discovery
  • Rich-content report presentation in different formats (pdf, xls, slide) post-interim processes or post-audit
  • Strong audit memory support via the addition to libraries of internal audit provisions used in audits specially developed for an organisation or other audits
  • Automatic audit report creation
  • Interactive management of reconciliation processes
  • Processing of stored data and support for analytic reports of different sizes via SAP HANA integration
  • Data support for the audit packet via security, authorisation and access logs using SAP system catalogue information (Transaction-based authorisation audit, SAPAII authorised user lists, transaction execution lists etc.)
  • On-premise/On-demand licensing models


  • Checks the validity of managerial data (financial, statistical, KPI)
  • Ensures consistency in internal data and processes
  • Increases organisation productivity and performance via risk-based approaches
  • Actively tracks the planning and resource management of internal audit teams
  • Reveals low-, medium- and high-level risks via reports and indicators prepared simultaneously with the process
  • Reduces internal auditing costs via a digitalised internal audit solution