With Mercury Messenger, you can securely send mass e-mails without worrying about getting caught up in spam filters.

You can customise e-mails according to target user or company policies. You can view system reports and organise sales campaigns according to report results or re-evaluate them.

You can match the products or services you define as targets in the e-mail content creation field with website link addresses, thereby gaining the ability to evaluate messaging results with feedback reports when your e-mails are read and the contained links are opened by your target group. Improving subsequent messages will allow you to reach a more active target group.

This type of system quickly, easily and flexibly solves organisations’ requirements for the increasing volume of digital functions, developing technology, customer management on the level of the individual, CRM software and tailored notifications.

The rise of social media usage and the use of these platforms for placing product / service web address links and integrated e-mail messages now mean a single system for their management has become unavoidable for organisations.

Mercury Messenger was specially developed within the framework of the Netle Marketing Adapter (NMA) strategy and as part of the digital asset solutions to completely meet these requirements.

  • Support for messages (e-mail, SMS, MMS, fax, IVR) sent via local databases
  • Support for integration with actively used CRM or business softwares
  • Support for integration with CRM developed with DocHuman or similar processes
  • Support for technology free of problems that can be faced with blacklists, spam or mass-messages
  • Advanced message notification reports (Support for different criteria: geography, region, device, platform, browser)
  • You can customise your message sending process according to your organisation requirements via the DocHuman process management module
  • Integration of additional interfaces required for message distribution, planning or reporting with the form design tool
  • Preparation of different distribution lists via the creation of cross-lists with CRM, business software or pre-prepared lists
  • Customisation via macro-field (name, surname, address, telephone etc.) support for content field
  • Sending messages to test or real lists at different periods
  • E-mail and content-based tracking via a unique connection with Google Analytics supported web connections
  • Unified view (joined view) free reports with CRM or business software
  • Messaging results (sent, pending, not sent)
  • Distribution of opened (read) e-mails according to differing criteria
  • Visit rates to websites in message content