The analysis process of decision makers becomes extremely difficult when data located outside the organisation on social media platforms is not, or can not, be integrated with internally held data.  Organisations can undertake different kinds of analyses and develop effective strategies to overcome potential issues based on these analyses when the processes of produced/marketed/sold/provided services or human resources are integrated with page channels where debates or customer complaints are shared on social media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter.

A system integrated with social media data sources, allows decision makers to manage more effectively when required with instantaneous linked data tracking results and row or graph report types.

Different inferences can be made via likes, profile information, location notifications or connected relationships (friendship) for products and/or services on or job applications made via social media channels. Integrating associative data held internally, normally on ERP applications, with external social media platforms via open standards (Open Data / SPARQL) can reduce an organisation’s managment costs.


Social media channels that can be integrated:

  • Microblog platforms
  • Complaint/Comment/Comparison-based platforms
  • News and video sharing platforms
  • Unique (domain specific) area/organisation platforms can be added

Post-Integration Benefits

Data obtained from social media is correlated with internal data complaint with specified rules. Warning notifications are sent to job/position/department units via e-mail or other channels according to specified rules post-correlation.  Necessary action plans can be prepared using work-flows suitable for the importance level of information or authorisation-based authorisation mechanisms post-notification. Companies can easily build, monitor and manage systems they can use to trigger emergency action plans via the internet with this type of definition.

Advanced integration features

One or more business software or custom (InHouse) software solutions can be used in the organisation. Integration with many internal systems via the social media solution’s advanced integration features. With credit cards a bank provides to its users, if there is a situation where there is value to be obtained from users going over approved credit limits after tracking their location notifications (tied to relevant user permissions), providing a user with a more flexible credit arrangement may be recommended after analysis at higher levels.

What can be done with collated and integrated data?

  • Tagging
  • Quick search (indexing)
  • Suitable task distributing to departments
  • Reporting
  • Monitoring
  • Archiving