Netle Yazılım supported its electronic invoice (e-invoice) infrastructure used in Turkey and other countries also for ZUGFeRD used in Germany.XML creation, signing, invoice status controls, PDF conversions and data sharing among institutions in DocHuman infrastructure can easily integrate with SAP and / or other ERP systems.

The ZUGFeRD data format, a common language for invoice communications between the private sector and the state, is supported by Netle Software solutions and is easily adaptable. With the ZUGFeRD data structure, the electronic invoice image can be in PDF format and the content (structural data) in XML format in PDF. It can be easily used by institutions with basic invoice features. ZUGFeRD provides the sharing of invoices between companies without advanced agreement and consultancy. Institutions can use different ZUGFeRD profiles according to their requirements and share with other institutions.

Electronic invoices can be created via ERP systems direct integration or EDI systems, and monitoring steps can be done from ERP or web based screens.


With Netle Yazılım –Global e-Invoice infrastructure, invoice documents which are congruent with different countries requirements and legal mandatories can be prepared in the same system. Netle solution creates invoice document according to country where the receiver in or conceptual company code description in ERP automatically, completes legal signing process (if necessary) and archives them for the e-invoice will be created with electronic invoice management tools or user interface by the scope of specific rules.